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Internet Services
Broadband Internet service for home & business.
Software Solutions
Business automation software programs.
Website Design
Professional, business, personal, or family website.
Domain Registration
Register best and latest domain extensions with us.
Hosting Solutions
Wide range Hosting Plans: web, email, cloud.

Welcome to Galaxy Information Technology & Telecommunications!

Galaxy Information Technology & Telecommunications (Galaxy ITT) is a pioneer indigenous Nigerian Information and Communications Tehnology (ICT) Service Provider. The Galaxy ITT Ethos is one of Performance, Innovation and Customer Care - factors that the company has continually excelled at since it's inception in 2000! Our extensive portfolio not only delivers high-end solutions to business, but also strengthens business services to consumers, with services that represent some of the best value propositions in the IT Industry today.

Galaxy ITT's High-Speed Internet service lets you do anything online you can imagine. Conduct research, distance learning, video conferencing, video on demand and more -- with our provisioning, you will surely realize what the Internet can do for you with 100% pure broadband power.